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All Info About Reading Workshops

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Available Courses

  • If you need advice and suggestions for working with struggling readers in your class, this workshop is for you. It's loaded with links and information you need to find keys to helping your students. Complete the tests and activities to become eligible for a certificate of completion.
  • This class will help you read better.  Up to 3 people can use it at one time.  Email Sandy at reading (@) allinfoaboutreading.info for the code to get into class. 

  • Walk with me step-by-step through creating a brilliant book report!

  • Parents, care givers, preschool teachers and anyone who works with young children will enjoy this class designed to help adults learn how to get kids off on the right foot for reading success.

  • This class will help parents, caregivers, teachers and others guide a beginning reader to improved skills.  It's perfect for tutors, parents of struggling readers, and others who are concerned about literacy development.

  • Learn how to use the Priority One: Reading reading system and get some extra guidance getting started.

  • Get individualized help so you can assist your child with reading.  This class offers one-on-one assistance to parents and caregivers who want to find effective strategies to help readers over learning humps.  I'll guide you through assessment exercises, then send you a detailed report about your child's strengths and weaknesses.  In addition, you will receive eight more instructional emails containing activity ideas and suggestions to improve your child's skills and consultation for six weeks.  Get your questions answered and learn techniques and strategies to help your child become a better reader.

  • The Comprehension Workshop is designed to help parents and tutors understand various aspects of reading comprehension. You will learn about how to teach students necessary skills to get meaning from text. The class also includes exercises for the students at each level so you have ready resources to help them practice.
  • Private class for individual student.
  • Private class
  • Private class

  • Private class

  • Private class

  • Private Class

  • Private class

  • Private class for KM

  • Private class

  • Private class

  • Private class

  • Try these fun puzzles!

  • Check out these crossword puzzles!

  • Private Class

  • Private class
  • This is a private class for TB
  • Private Class

Welcome to the All Info About Reading Workshops! 

To register for a specific workshop, please click the title. 

AIAR Workshops are designed to help parents and teachers help students improve literacy and reading skills.  Some are designed for student use, as well.  Classes with initialed titles are private classes created for individual tutoring students.  Free workshops are designated with the word "free" in the title.  Tuition fees are listed in each course description, and are payable through Paypal.  If you need to make other arrangements, please email instructor Sandy Fleming at reading at allinfoaboutreading.info.

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