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Lesson Plan: Literal Comprehension Questions

March 2nd, 2008 by admin


  • Students will recognize literal comprehension questions.
  • Students will systematically search text for an answer.
  • Students will mark the desired information in the text.


  • Highlighter for each student
  • Text that can be highlighted for each student
  • Literal level comprehension questions
  • One or two other kinds of comprehension questions


  • Read the text together.
  • Have the students read the first question.  See if anyone remembers the answer. 
  • Challenge students to find the sentence that contains the correct answer.  Once checked, have them highlight the sentence they found.
  • Continue answering the literal questions in this way.
  • Review all the literal questions and look for patterns in the wording.  Many will use the words who, what, when, and where.
  • Explain to students that there are two types of questions:  literal or concrete questions like these have answers you can highlight in the text.  Thinking questions have answers that the reader must think up based on what they’ve read.  The answers are not written right in the text, and they cannot be highlighted.
  • Show an example of an inferential question.  Explain that sometimes, if the questions seem hard and the answers are not jumping out, the question may be a thinking question.  The answer may not be stated in the text.  It may need to be figured out using information from the reading combined with things that the student already knows.
  • Try to answer the thinking questions as a group.  For each one, explain to the students how the answer can be figured out using clues from the text.


  • Using c comprehension worksheet or your own questions, have the students distinguish between literal and thinking questions.

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